About IDP Connect

Experts by your side

IDP Connect: A gateway to the world’s largest community of students

IDP Connect is the strategic partner of choice for institutions seeking access to engaged student communities. As part of IDP Education, the world leader in student recruitment, IDP Connect uses its global expertise, data-driven insights and trusted human connections to match universities, schools and colleges with the right students from around the world.


Powered by the world’s most expansive omnichannel platform, we bring the story of your institution to life, from academic offerings to campus experiences and beyond. Through our unmatched physical office network,  websites, apps, and virtual counselling solutions, students from all corners of the world form our connected community, along with our expert team of trusted education advisors, and our partner institutions.


Our unparalleled data set of real-time student behaviour, market knowledge, and global reach provide you with the tools and insight needed to advance your institution.


By building on trusted relationships and actively connecting our community of students, institutions, sector bodies and local educational experts throughout the world, IDP Connect plays a vital role in nurturing a thriving future for higher education.


Your trusted global partner

With a connected community stretching across the globe, we are embedded in the markets where you need to be.

At a global level, our central account management team work with you on global strategic priorities to help shape recruitment solutions that are deliverable, sustainable and measurable.

At a country level, our teams of trusted expert education advisors act as an extension of your team, connecting with students in their region. In doing so we collapse challenges from timezones, language barriers and distance.

With a global and local view, we are uniquely positions to identify trends and issues and feed this back to you to give you insights into student concerns, attitudes and motivations – wherever they are in the world.


Our data, your advantage

Our unrivalled market knowledge and 100 million annual site visits let us see your bigger picture – bringing you real-time data and actionable insights. Through our suite of intelligence services, you’ll have access to raw datasets, analytical tools, and expert support to help you tailor your strategies to student demand.

Omni-channel solutions

With our world-leading omnichannel platforms, our products and services combine the best of online and offline tools and expert teams to match your institution with the right students. Leveraging our large community of multi-destination students and unmatched data insights, we target the best fit students for your institution and nurture them through all stages of the enrolment journey.

Meeting disruption with innovation

Powered by the world’s leading international student dataset, IDP’s global platform is transforming​ international education services by combining insights with real human experiences.

In its simplest sense, our technology platform is transitioning to a global marketplace, where students and institutions connect — all supported by IDP’s data insights and quality screening processes.

We are heading towards an ‘always-on’ model where students and their parents will be able to schedule live-chat sessions with universities to progress their admissions applications or ask questions about studying abroad.