Giving Back

We’re passionate about making a positive difference

IDP Corporate responsibility framework

We are committed to building a sustainable future and improving the lives of our customers and our people, as well as contributing to the growth and prosperity of our communities and the environments in which we operate in. Alongside a range of global initiatives, including working closely with the Welsh Refugee Council in Wales, and the Swaed Association in Saudi Arabia assisting students with physical disabilities achieve their study ambitions, our Global Leadership team directly engage in a number of fundraising activities including Melbourne’s annual “Sleep at the G” (pictured below). In 2018 this event assisted Melbourne City Mission in funding Australia’s first ever 24/7 youth crisis accommodation centre, offering emergency accommodation, housing, health, education and employment support.


The Hotcourses Foundation

Set up in 2004, The Hotcourses Foundation partners with Nyumbani UK to help children in Kenya get an education. 5% of company profits goes into the Hotcourses Foundation, and IDP Connect employees regularly raise money for it too. The foundation’s main aim is to break the cycle of poverty through education. They do this in three ways:

Building Schools

The Hotcourses Primary School is one of the top schools in its district and educates orphans whose parents have died from AIDS. The foundation has also helped to build the Geoffrey and Carol Lawson High School for children to move onto as they progress with their education.

Donating to the Lea Toto Project

This is a support program for HIV+ children so they can remain with their families and in their community. The Hotcourses Foundation helps to pay for over 3,500 HIV+ children in Nairobi slums with things like uniforms, books and school fees.

Raising & Donating Money

For the Nairobi Children’s Home which looks after around 100 orphans with HIV.

Hotcourses Foundation and Nyumbani UK

In 2004 we teamed up with an organisation called Nyumbani in Nairobi, Kenya. Nyumbani takes in orphaned children affected with the HIV virus that are unable to go to school and also provides them with lifelong care. IDP Connect decided to invest in setting up a primary school to provide much-needed education for these children, in what has become the Nyumbani village.

Today, the Hotcourses Foundation provides first class education to over 1,000 children with teachers from Nairobi. As a result of the education in our schools and outreach programmes in Nairobi slums, we are seeing our first students get into polytechnics and universities in Kenya. These students, typically studying vocational subjects, are gaining employability skills which will enable them to break free of the poverty trap.

Over the last 10 years IDP Connect has invested 5% of its profits annually into the Hotcourses Foundation, amounting to over £1 million in total.

How Can You Help?

There are several ways you can get involved and help Nyumbani UK and the Hotcourses Foundation.

Sponsor a child

Sponsoring a child means you’re not only providing an education, but also helping a child be fed, housed and have medical support if they need it. In return, you’ll receive letters and photos from them, so you can see the real difference your donation is making.

You can either sponsor £20 a month, donate £115 over 6 months or £230 over a year.

Support our fundraising

We’ve run marathons, completed Tough Mudder, done the Three Peaks Challenge and baked cakes. Our friends and families have also gotten involved! If you’d like to join us or show your support, you can help by donating below.