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This exclusive Core Partner only webinar, taking place at 3pm on July 29th, will take a deep-dive into the findings of the much anticipated fifth instalment of the Crossroads international applicant and offer holders survey.

Building on the top-level results set to be published publically on 28 July, the webinar will share the details of what this latest research reveals about the motivations, key drivers and intentions of students with live applications for the September and October 2021 intake.

The event will be led by Jonah Duffin, Director of External Relations at IDP Connect, and James Bennett, Head of Business Delivery and Evolution at IDP Connect. Together, they will break down the findings of the research to a granular level, enabling your institution to better plan ahead of the next cohort. By highlighting the key needs of international students, this webinar will help pinpoint and refine your recruitment strategies.

Core Partners are advised to email their account manager directly for further information.