Indian student awarded UK scholarship through virtual agency

Known for offering one of the best automotive engineering programmes in the UK, Coventry University has awarded a full scholarship to a postgraduate student from Pune, India, who was recruited through the Hotcourses India virtual agency. This prestigious Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship for Automotive Excellence was officially presented to the high-quality recipient at a meeting hosted at the Hotcourses/ IDP offices in Delhi on Friday, the 3rd of August.

scholarship award

Scholarship recipient, Aniruddha Ashok Gunja (fourth from the right), in Delhi with Hotcourses India and IDP teams.

Honouring excellence: full scholarship

Aniruddha Ashok Gunjal, the Pune local who was selected among 300 applicants from around the world, was flown by Coventry University to Delhi where he met with Andy Caldwell, Director of International Development at Coventry University, to receive a congratulatory award in honour of his achievement. The scholarship is one of two full scholarships rewarded by the University for September 2018 intake and will cover all Aniruddha’s tuition fees.

Aniruddha will join Coventry University as one of their most elite scholars when he starts his MSc in Automotive Engineering. This sought-after programme provides students with technical and managerial skills and expertise that open many doors into the automotive industry. Students also benefit from close links with industry leaders such as Aston Martin, Mercedes and JLR.
Pete French, Deputy Head of International Business Development at Coventry University, says of the selection process: “The criteria we used when making our selection for a stand-out elite student included: past academic performance, future potential and personal statements, showing how an applicant would use the opportunity to benefit themselves, their community and their country.”

During the meeting on Friday, Andy spoke to Aniruddha about how proud the university was to welcome him. Andy added: “The energy and passion we got from reading your statement is conveyed here today by talking to you. As you take on this new chapter, enjoy your experience at Coventry, strive for the highest grades possible and build a network of lifelong friends. I am sure you are going to go on to do fantastic things and I have every confidence that you will take this opportunity and make it your own.”

Coventry University

Aniruddha shakes hands with Andy Caldwell, Director of International Development at Coventry University.

Digital disruption

What makes this scholarship so unique is the fact that the match between Aniruddha and Coventry University was made via Hotcourses India’s virtual agency. It’s a perfect example of how traditional means of counselling are being disrupted by digital models in which the virtual agency does the groundwork for institutions by counselling high-quality students through platforms such as Skype. Institutions are in turn easily able to present opportunities, such as scholarships, to an audience of highly qualified prospective students.

Andy says of working with the virtual agency: “Hotcourses helps us to reach more students in their home countries than if we had worked by ourselves. While we’d like to be in every global market, we know this isn’t always possible. However, our partnership with Hotcourses means that more students see why a Coventry degree is a great way to boost their careers, families and communities.”

At the meeting on Friday, Aniruddha also spoke about the convenience of using the service from a student perspective: “The Hotcourses digital agency allows you to save valuable time, which proves very beneficially when you are working professionally. Everything from applying for visas to completing application forms can be done through your assigned counsellor online.”
Based on the high caliber of students coming through the IDP and Hotcourses Group network, Coventry University has offered 30 scholarships of £1500 each to boost conversion to their London campus. Deputy Director for International Development at Coventry University, Justin Wood, concludes: “A scholarship like the one we have just awarded to Aniruddha will encourage the best and the brightest to come to the UK. But we think it’s important to also offer smaller merit-based scholarships to a much wider number of students as well.”

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Indian student awarded UK scholarship through virtual agency
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