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FastLane: matching the right international students to the right institutions

In July 2021, we launched our offer in principle service, now known as FastLane, to match prospective international students to suitable universities and courses around the world at the click of a button. This ground-breaking service fast tracks students through to receiving an in-principle offer, before they are required to submit their applications, thereby ensuring that students can find the right courses and institutions faster and more easily. FastLane is available via the IDP Live app, desktop and within counsellor offices, and provides students with all the information they need to make the right higher education choices.

How FastLane works

Accessible through an app and now across IDP offices, FastLane invites students to share their study goals and current qualifications. Upon completing their academic profiles, students are matched to courses they are eligible to apply for based on the rules the institution has set. If they want to proceed, students can receive an in-principle offer from their chosen institution within 30 minutes of submission.

This transformative real-time response means students only apply to courses where they know they meet the institution entry criteria, greatly reducing the number of applications they make, whilst institutions receive higher quality applications, more quickly.

Key benefits mentioned by FastLane clients include: 

  • Accelerating and simplifying the application process for admissions teams

  • FastLane ensures that only suitably qualified candidates are matched to the right courses 

  • Diversification of their international portfolios (FastLane is live in over 100 global IDP offices across 15 countries) 

  • Strengthening and building relationships with student counsellors in key student markets to ensure best-fit applicants are matched to the right institution and course 

Core Partnership

Our premium end-to-end recruitment solution, Core Partnership, offers you the opportunity to be at the forefront of our rapidly expanding global community and accelerate your growth in key recruitment markets. Drawing on 100 million visits per year across our global network of student-facing websites, we ensure that your institution’s content reaches key source markets through multiple channels optimized for enrolment outcomes at each stage of the funnel.

Our end-to-end model is designed to support students from their initial research all the way through to enrolment, harnessing the power of digital content marketing to guide students to the right institution.

Core Partnership also gives you access to Demand Tracker, our self-service data tool, providing granular analytics on real-time student search behaviour and demand to assist in your recruitment strategy development and portfolio planning. In addition, Core Partners also receive access to our sector dashboards, including enrolment and visa data from AEI, MBIE, HESA and Open Doors in customisable data visualisations. We also have a global network of student-first counsellors who serve as your trusted representatives on the ground.

Key facts

1600+Student-first counsellors worldwide
1 in 4enrolments originated on our digital platforms
170k+Applications generated globally per year

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