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Majority of international students interested in the UK are already fully vaccinated and more than half are willing to quarantine on arrival.

The latest findings from IDP Connect’s Crossroads research shows high numbers of fully vaccinated students, a willingness to quarantine, and a real desire to commence their studies on-campus this autumn.

New research by IDP Connect shows students are willing to do all they can to study on-campus in the UK.

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The key findings from our International Student Crossroads V research are available to download as an infographic report here:


Key findings

More than half (57 per cent) of UK destined students are already fully vaccinated, and a further 31 per cent report they intend to get their vaccines as soon as they can, although it is not currently required for international students to be vaccinated before they start their studies in the UK.

Three-quarters (75 per cent) of students stated the availability of vaccines to international students on arrival – as confirmed by the UK government - made travelling to their destination more attractive.

Vaccine hesitancy amongst students has declined markedly since the previous survey in April 2021, with only one in 10 respondents (10 per cent) stating that they need more information before getting the jab, compared to 30% in the April survey.

In further indications that students want to arrive safely on to campus, 89 per cent are willing to quarantine on arrival, with almost one quarter (24 per cent) willing to pay the full cost of quarantine and a further 40 per cent a portion of the cost. In terms of where and how students quarantine on arrival, 28 per cent preferred a government hotel and 50 per cent preferred university-run accommodation, whilst the balance of respondents had no preference.

The importance of being able to offer an on-campus experience to international students was reaffirmed by the research which showed that perceptions of the UK, Canada and the US have improved, whilst New Zealand and Australia have seen declines as their borders remain closed. According to the research, UK institutions can expect high numbers of international students enrolling, with 86% for those applying to study in the UK saying they expect to start their studies as planned this year, against a global average of 79%.

Vivienne Stern, Director of Universities UK International (UUKi) which represents UK universities around the world, said that the findings were positive for UK universities and local economies throughout the country.

“The UK has remained a welcoming, safe and highly supportive destination for international students throughout the pandemic. The fact that students are so willing to get vaccinated and to quarantine on arrival shows their desire to get on to campus and commence their studies as safely as possible.” Ms Stern said.

“International Education is one of the leading export sectors for the UK, contributing over £16 billion to the UK economy and having a positive impact on local economies around the country. It is therefore important that we have the right quarantine and arrival processes in place and that these are quickly communicated to students so that they can plan their arrival.” 

Simon Emmett, CEO at IDP Connect, said the countries that are demonstrating welcoming policies are being rewarded with high student demand and interest.

“These results are very positive for destination countries that have been able to communicate to students that they’re open and welcoming to international arrivals,” Mr Emmett said.

“We are continuing to see students’ resilience and determination to arrive safely and commence their studies on campus through their overwhelming willingness to comply with vaccination and quarantine policies.

“The UK and Canada have both recently clarified their policies regarding vaccines, confirming that they will be available to students on arrival and these latest findings show that this is welcomed by students, and factored into their decisions on preferred destinations.

“The next steps are for institutions and governments to continue to communicate clearly and effectively with regards to how students can arrive and how they will be taught upon arrival. We can see from the research that students are flexible and willing to have a mixture of face-to-face and online learning, as long as they’re on campus at their desired destination,” he said.  

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About the International Student Crossroads Research

The International Student Crossroads Research (Crossroads) is the leading research into international student attitudes and intentions during the COVID-19 pandemic. The latest instalment, Crossroads V, has over 4,000 respondents from over 20 countries, including the major source countries of India, China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia. All respondents have either applied, have an offer to study or are already studying in one of the major English language destinations of the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, the United States and New Zealand.

About IDP Connect

IDP Connect is a part of IDP Education, a world leader in international education services. IDP has been operating for over 50 years and has a global network of over 120 offices helping students in 30 countries to study in Australia, the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada and New Zealand. IDP Connect works strategically with institutions seeking access to engaged student communities. IDP Connect uses its global expertise, data-driven insights and trusted human connections to match universities, schools and colleges with the right students from around the world.


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