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In this short snapshot interview, we talk to Esengul Kercin, Senior Country Marketing Executive for Hotcourses Turkey, to hear her insights on how UK institutions can better engage with Turkey's growing student market.

Hotcourses Turkey is one of the most widely used research websites by prospective students in Turkey who want to study abroad, attracting over 3m users over the last 12 months.

We explore the following themes:

  • Top tips for how UK institutions can engage with prospective Turkish students

  • Tried and tested messaging and content that attracts high interest on Hotcourses Turkey

  • Recommended forms of media and social media platforms to best engage with prospective students from Turkey

  • How alumni stories and experiences can be used to attract prospective students from Turkey

Q&A: Turkish student market


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Franki Clemens
Franki Clemens12 May 2022