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Recruitment travel is a high-effort, high-reward endeavor that drives impactful results for institutions, students, and recruiters. But as one of the most time and resource-intensive recruitment methods, it can be challenging to get right. As a new recruiter, it’s hard to know where to start - which markets are worth a visit, which fairs to sign up for, how to pack, what materials to bring, and what to expect in-country.

This comprehensive report serves as a guide for the “Road Warrior” – the intrepid recruiter packing their bag and heading to a new country, and for the teams and offices that support and make this travel possible. Featuring insider insights from our on-the-ground staff across the globe, as well as from experienced recruiters with many miles traveled, this guide will take you from start to finish:

  • Researching and planning a data-driven itinerary

  • Securing institutional buy-in

  • Packing and traveling tips

  • What to expect when you arrive and how to track results and follow-up upon your return

  • Country-specific insights from four key source markets: India, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Vietnam, and Nigeria

The Road Warrior's Guide to Recruitment Travel

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CP - Image-Emma Sletteland
Emma Sletteland05 June 2024