IDP Connect welcomes new partnership with The University of Roehampton, London
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The University of Roehampton and IDP Connect have announced a new collaborative partnership commencing July 2021.   

The new Core Member partnership agreement will ensure that the University of Roehampton receives holistic support from IDP Connect and the IDP network of global counsellors. This will not only enable the institution to connect with interested students around the world, but will also ensure international students have access to another higher education provider with the qualities to meet their unique needs.  

A spokesperson from Roehampton stated: “We are pleased to announce our new partnership with IDP Education. As a close-knit community of students and staff, we really value passionate students joining us who share these community values with us. IDP’s student-first approach means that we know that the students joining us will be doing so because they want to benefit from the collegiate campus experience we offer, the qualities we instill in our students and the 175-year history that they will feel proud to belong to. 

Collaborating with IDP enables us to gain access to the world’s largest community of students, through an unrivalled range of omni-channel platforms, which makes them the ideal partner for us. Their human touch and expertise through in-country counselling, combined with forward-thinking digital experiences, offer the best of both worlds for our students and colleagues around the world. Adding to this the real-time knowledge we can gain through working with IDP’s data and analytics services, we are excited to embark on a collaboration that will allow insight-led strategy decisions that truly reflect student needs.” 

About the University of Roehampton 

With a campus located in one of the coveted green park spaces of Southern London, the University of Roehampton is also the only traditional collegiate university in the capital. Its four colleges, around which accommodation is centred, offer students a unique sense of community and fellowship in the context of the buzz and excitement of one of the UK’s most popular cities.  

While benefitting from a long history in education, Roehampton is also a young university. This combination of tradition and novelty mean that the University of Roehampton is constantly building on its strong historic foundation with new investments and fresh ideas. 

One such example is the institution’s new state of the art library, opened in 2017, which provides students with exclusive access to impressive cultural and historic archives including the Jewish Resource Centre Collection, the Centre for Marian Studies and a collection of resources covering all matters regarding the Virgin Mary, the Queen's Archive. 

The University of Roehampton also boasts a specialist Biomechanics Laboratory; a Physiology Laboratory with equipment including a metabolic cart, environmental chamber, and cooling systems; four dedicated studios for studio-based learning, technique classes and portfolio development; a dance theatre for live performance and practice; and what was the UKs first eSports arena, with 20 PCs as well as facilities for live streaming and video editing. Roehampton is committed to breaking new ground in exciting new subject areas that mean international students will have a wide variety of novel, niche and exclusive subjects available to them. 

The University of Roehampton’s continuing dedication to improvement has been recognised through its recent performance in university ranking systems, including climbing two places in the Complete University Guide university league tables this year. The institution also showed improvement across many of the subject tables, including Law where it rose 50 places, and Accounting and Finance where it improved by six places.  

This new partnership will help to make international students aware of the diverse range of subjects that Roehampton does not just offer, but is continually investing in. This will help the institution to diversify the subjects its international students enrol in which are currently highly concentrated in areas including Business and Biological Sciences.  

IDP’s global presence will also help to introduce the University of Roehampton to additional markets with strong potential, such as South East Asia. 

Through this collaboration, the University of Roehampton will be able to continue growing its 1,260 strong international student population whilst also enhancing the diversity of its global community of students. 

Ed Kelly, Head of International Client Partnerships at IDP Connect commented on the partnership: “As the strategic partner of choice for most UK universities, the full funnel capabilities of IDP Connect through our technology combined with the outstanding personal touch of our counselling network make us the perfect choice for Higher Education Institutions around the world. The new addition of the University of Roehampton to the UK client list means we are now able to offer our students even greater options within London, and we are delighted to be working with them across our global network. The educational experience that Roehampton provides its students across its a stunning 54-acre parkland campus makes it a great choice for our students across the world looking to studies overseas.   

For more information on IDP Connect client partnership and how we support institutions and students in finding with the right match, reach out to us today.  

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Ella Grimwade
Ella Grimwade26 July 2021