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We are delighted to welcome Professor Colin Riordan, President and Vice-Chancellor of Cardiff University, as the new chair of the IDP Connect Strategic Advisory Group. He assumes his position as chair from March 2021, taking the place of our former chair, Professor Michael Arthur.

We recently had the opportunity to interview Professor Riordan to find out what he was most looking forward to in his new role as chair and hear his thoughts on a host of themes. These included:

• Threats and opportunities facing the sector over the coming years in light of significant global political shifts and student trends • How COVID-19 will impact the future of current students, with focus on potential positive and negative outcomes • How the fundamental civic role of universities should be to benefit society • The importance of relationship building and trust between prospective students, student counsellors and institutions in international admissions • How technology and data are becoming increasingly important in the higher education sector and vital for informing marketing strategies • Finding the balance between quality versus volume-based recruitment • The importance of recruiting high-quality students who are ‘good fits’ for your institution

Watch the full interview - by clicking here:

Franki Clemens08 March 2021

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