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After a highly successful online event in 2020, IDP Connect’s student facing peer-to-peer reviews based site, Whatuni, has adapted once again for 2021 as entries for the annual awards go live. 

Whatuni, the UK’s largest university course comparison website, is delighted to announce the launch of the Whatuni Student Choice Awards 2021 (WUSCAs). 

Acknowledging the unique challenges faced across the sector and within student communities this past academic year, the awards aim to shine a light on both the fantastic work carried out by institutions, as well as the incredible resilience of their students.  

Judged by a specially chosen panel of students, the submission-based awards will celebrate the success of four winning institutions across the following categories:  

  1. Student Support 

    Awarded to an institution which has developed comprehensive support 


    for its students during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  2. Diversity and Inclusion 

    Awarded to an institution that has championed diversity and inclusion (D&I) among students overcoming challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic across the academic year 2020/21.

  3. Excellence in Digital Innovation 

    Awarded to an institution that has developed innovative and impactful digital solutions to improve the student experience and increase digital accessibility 

    in light of

    the COVID-19 pandemic.

  4. Enhanced Graduate Outcomes 

    Awarded to an institution that can demonstrate effective delivery of innovative and impactful employability support during the pandemic.

Whatuni Bursaries

Across this year’s awards, Whatuni will support students from Widening Participation backgrounds through our newly launched Whatuni Bursaries.  

In addition to winning a coveted WUSCA, each category winner will receive £10,000 to provide five of their students with a £2,000 bursary.

Awards Schedule  

Mon 12 April 2021-00:01 am:      Awards applications open 

Mon 31 May 2021-11:59 pm:       Awards applications close 

Tues 15 June 2021:                       Top three in each category announced  

Tues 22 June 2021:                      Winners Announced  

Simon Emmett, CEO of Whatuni’s parent company, IDP Connect said: “With current students having had such an extraordinary, challenging and diverse experience over the last year, it is only right that the WUSCAs adjust to reflect the student experience. This year’s awards are honouring the integrity of Whatuni student reviews by sharing the full picture of the student experience and giving students a voice, and a public platform, to share their unique experience.  

However, while the awards will not shy away from sharing the challenges students have faced studying during the pandemic, it also gives a much-needed opportunity to shine a light on the positives too. Through the honesty of student reviews and submissions, we will recognise the incredible versatility, determination, innovation and compassion that has been shown by students and the many examples of where institutions have gone the extra mile for their student population.  

We believe this year’s event, while breaking from some traditions, will uphold the values of the WUSCAs and offer both an opportunity to learn and a chance to celebrate the best of the higher education sector and incredible, resilient students.” 


For more details on the submission-based awards, entry guidelines, and student bursaries please visit https://www.idp-connect.com/all-events/whatuni-student-choice-awards2021


CP - Image - Headshot - Ella Grimwade - UK
Ella Grimwade22 April 2021