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The University of Hertfordshire, along with many institutions in the UK has seen a large increase in applications over the last few years. This has had an impact on application turnaround times. The University of Hertfordshire wanted to ensure that they could focus on the best-matched applicants, providing these students with a faster service leading to an increased conversion.

The University of Hertfordshire became a FastLane partner. FastLane matches students to live admissions criteria rules, allowing IDP to make offers-in-principle to verified students who meet the criteria. Institutions offer FastLane students quicker offer turnaround times and offers institutions improved admissions efficiency.

Discover more details, in our downloadable case study below on how this technology enhanced conversion and reduced admissions processing time.

Download Hertfordshire case study

Discover how FastLane enhanced conversion and reduced admissions processing time

Download case study
Jonah Duffin
Jonah Duffin18 October 2022