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Despite the immense trials and tribulations of this year, the Whatuni Student Choice Awards (WUSCA) 2020 results show a host of positive affirmations from students around the UK. Pre-lockdown, the WUSCA team collected over 41,000 student reviews from across all years of study.

We’ve collated a briefing paper outlining key findings and takeaways for institutions. We also share recommendations on how institutions can optimize the student experience and meet student needs in a Covid-19 world.

Highlights from the report include:

•Overall Satisfaction had the highest rating (83%) for this category since the WUSCAs launched in 2015.

•Accommodation and Local Life saw the biggest improvements over the years (even though accommodation remains one of the lowest scores overall), while Courses and Lecturers improved at the slowest rate (this may have to do with increased investments by institutions in facilities).

•A common theme across top-rated reviews point to the importance of creating a sense of community for students. How institutions recreate community in a socially distanced world will play an integral role in the future student experience.

For more detailed insights, open the WUSCA 2020 briefing paper by clicking on the button below.

Report written by Aaron Porter

Download Briefing Paper

Download Briefing Paper
CP - Image - Franki
Franki Clemens08 September 2020