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One of the country's most trusted university data platforms is launching a new interactive tool to help students take the stress out of planning their future - and make the process easier for families, too. 

Every year the Complete University Guide releases UK university and subject league tables to support prospective students in making informed decisions about their future as well as running the student-voted  ‘Whatuni Student Choice Awards’.

Working with students, Complete University Guide is now going a step further in their aim to help students with the launch of Uniselect - an online tool to take the stress out of university choices

Uniselect brings together Complete University Guide’s unrivaled suite of data with information about sports, cost of living and job opportunities at universities to produce a one-stop-shop for students looking to make confident choices for their future in a clear, easy and personalised way. 

Everything from accommodation costs, subject ranking, location in the UK and even down to what sports teams the universities have is cross-referenced with Complete University Guide’s own data to give prospective students the chance to research 60,000 courses from 130 universities with ease and confidence.

The final list of institutions recommended to the prospective student is a tailor made short list to ensure that their university options match their demands and cuts out hours of stressful research and unnecessary information. 

Simon Emmett, Chief Executive Officer of IDP Connect, said:

“CUG’s mission is, and always has been, about helping students make the right decisions about their future. With the current challenges facing students and families, from cost-of-living to accommodation, we wanted to build on this and create a tool that would take the stress out of choosing a university. Using the same robust data and complex methodology we have ensured that we continue to have this mission front and centre and fit for the students of tomorrow.

“Uniselect takes the complexity out of researching university options and puts the student in the driving seat, allowing them to shape their future based on what is important to them. They get results which are clear, unbiased and based on what they want to know.”

The new platform has already been welcomed by students, teachers and careers advisers who recognise how challenging choosing a university place can be.

Paul Cruttenden, a Business Teacher from Haywards Heath said: 

“I have not seen a tool like this before. And I imagine it will be really warmly welcomed by lots of students because it taps into the way that they live their lives, and it allows them to be free to choose when and where and how and for how long they actually search for their university course.”

Ryan Martin, a student from Haywards Heath College, said:

“I found it very easy to use. It was all right there in front of me. I didn't have to go to any other page. I had my results within a couple of minutes.”

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Jonah Duffin
Jonah Duffin03 November 2022