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We caught up with Deeji Raj, an IDP Education Counsellor based in Abu Dhabi who helps students to study in the UK and Ireland, about why she loves sending students to the UK (and Ireland) and what her students love most about studying here.

This interview forms part of our involvement in Universities UK International’s We Are International campaign. UUKI’s aim with this campaign is: to turn the tide against a backdrop of negative political and media rhetoric, and improve perceptions of how welcoming the UK is as a study destination for prospective international students. And to create a proactive, positive narrative about the cultural, civic and social contributions international students bring to the UK and to drive up positive sentiment in the media.

We have 2,200+ student counsellors working around the world to support students to make the right higher education choices for them. Our highly experienced and trusted UK and Ireland counsellors are also there to reassure students that the UK remains a welcoming study destination.

Q&A with Deeji Raj

Why do you love sending students to the UK?

UK higher education and qualifications have a remarkable international reputation, and UK degrees are globally recognized. Students have the advantage of completing most of their undergraduate degrees within three years and master’s programmes within one year.

The placement year offered by universities is an important component of many UK degrees, work placements help students to build academic expertise as well as to gain real-world experience. They receive academic credit and will gain the extra transferable skills needed to excel in their chosen career. This helps students to stand out against the competition and impress employers when they graduate. Without doubt placements can make studying in the UK extra special.

Pathway programmes offered by UK universities, such as foundation years, international year one and pre-master's programmes, enable students to get into their dream universities even if they are lacking the entry requirements. Moreover, the UK student visa application process is very straightforward and easy to manage. UK visa refusal rates are also lesser when compared to other top study destinations.

What feedback do you get from students once they start studying in the UK?

The UK is like a second home for students from the UAE, especially the Emirati and expat students. Students love university life in the UK as it isn’t confined to the classroom or lecture halls. There are many international students coming from different backgrounds, therefore students get to engage in a range of social activities, conferences, cultural fairs etc.

Students can easily find accommodation in the UK provided they apply within the deadline, and they can easily commute to other locations during their term breaks.

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Franki Clemens29 May 2024