Home to Southeast Asia’s largest economy, Indonesia has seen growing demand for international higher education by its expanding youthful population and should be on every institution’s radar as a priority market for student recruitment.  

This latest report offers you an in-depth glimpse into Indonesia’s economy, the challenges it faces, its higher education landscape and how prospective Indonesian students perceive domestic versus international higher education.  

It also includes key takeaways from IDP’s education counsellors on how to attract more demand and applications from Indonesian perspective students.  Themes include:  

  • Indonesia’s growing economy and how international higher education is fuelling labour market gaps 

  • Higher education challenges within Indonesia and how prospective international students perceive studying abroad 

  • Demand and student placement trends for Indonesia as a source market to the important destination markets of Australia, the US, Canada and the UK 

  • IQ data trends to highlight which destinations and subjects Indonesian prospective students are researching 

Indonesia: international higher education fuelling a growing economy

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Franki Clemens
Franki Clemens07 December 2022