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Keeping higher education global

We’re pleased to be a partner in the Universities UK International Higher Education Forum 2021.

This flagship conference aims to help universities develop the strategies they need to flourish internationally in research, transnational education, student recruitment and mobility.

Will on-campus recruitment rebound?

Our CEO, Simon Emmett, will be delivering a keynote presentation where he will share new research from our 4th, and most in-depth, Student Crossroads survey. 

The session will cover key themes such as students’ likelihood of commencing studies as planned, views on online delivery, willingness to quarantine and perceptions of destination countries.  

The research will also break new ground, with responses to several carefully curated questions that will give an in-depth insight into how international student priorities are shifting, and how the future landscape of international higher education will look. This research offers a deep understanding of the differences in perception between students from key source markets and how to tailor communications and marketing strategies accordingly.  

Join us on April 14th at IHEF 2021 to share our insights on student needs and how the sector can meet them. 

At IDP Connect, we are committed to our core value of being student-first, and our role as trusted experts by your side. This session is an opportunity for me to demonstrate both of these values and contribute to the sectors ability to meet student needs moving forward. I look forward to meeting you and sharing what we’ve found.

Simon Emmett

Simon Emmett


IDP Connect

Find out more or book your place at IHEF

For more information about the IHEF event or to book your place, head to the UUKI website here:

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