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CP- Data subscription (Intl)- introduction

Introducing IQ

IDP Connect IQ helps address the key challenges faced by higher education institutions by unlocking the full potential of data and intelligence. Empowered by our real-time student data and cutting-edge analytics, institutions can make informed and evidence-based decisions using our range of IQ services. IQ offers a full suite of raw data, analytical tools and expert support to help institutions elevate their performance in an increasingly competitive higher education arena. Drawing on the world’s largest live dataset of researching prospective students, we help institutions discover what, when, where and how students are approaching their studying experiences and to accurately predict future trends.   

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Demand Tracker

Demand Tracker is a self-service subscription tool that draws on the world’s largest live student dataset, enabling institutions to visualize, track and forecast trends in student demand. Using Demand Tracker, institutions can visualize prospective student behavior from as early as 1-2 years before students make their higher education decisions, empowering them to identify and understand changes in student behavior. Institutions can observe the impact of policy decisions, forecast areas of growth or decline and compare their performance in relation to competitor institutions.  

Subscribers get access to a range of exclusive intelligence reports, including customized visualizations from sector data sources such as IRCC and tailored global reports highlighting a variety of themes from our live dataset of over 100m annual site visits. Demand Tracker offers both a helicopter and microscopic view of the higher education landscape, equipping institutions with the knowledge to run highly effective student marketing and recruitment campaigns. 

Benefits include: 

  • Real-time analytics allowing institutions to focus on demand trends such as region, city, subject, sub-discipline, study level and more to allow for accelerated and improved decision making  

  • Increased competitor intelligence and benchmarking against self-selected competitor set to shape future recruitment and marketing strategies 

  • Data visualization for all key international markets and IDP student placement analytics 

  • Access to our International Crossroads survey dashboards, enabling you to analyze the perceptions and intentions of international higher education applicants and offer-holders during the coronavirus pandemic 


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CP-Data subscription (intl)-IQ International Competitor Tracker

IQ International Competitor Tracker

Competitor tracker gives you a deep understanding of your competitor landscape and how to improve your institution’s performance accordingly. Through the tool, you’re able to identify who your key competitors are and to which institutions you are losing market share and leads. Comprising of a bespoke range of live student data dashboards - unique to your institution - these industry-first tools analyse four key metrics of performance: shared views, interactions, applications and lost/gained enrolments, all designed to deliver unprecedented insights.  

This tool unlocks the insights you need to improve your performance against key competitors and reach the pinnacle of the student placement market. 

Benefits include: 

  • Providing a true picture of where your institution stands in relation to key competitors 

  • Revealing who your key competitors are, both overall and at each stage of student recruitment 

  • Tracking your institution’s performance over time and showing the effectiveness of specific campaigns 

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We’ve been able to take the data analysis and research that IDP Connect have done and we’ve really been able to look at what our market share is, and then look at what our potential for growth is in those markets.

Rachel MacSween

Rachel MacSween

Director of International Recruitment, Partnerships and Mobility

The University of York

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