Connecting student ambassadors to prospective students

We have partnered with The Ambassador Platform (TAP), a peer-to-peer marketing and recruitment tool, to enable our partners to connect student ambassadors with prospective students who use our 50+ international websites and the IDP Live app.   

Our new peer-to-peer (P2P) technology comprises of two services: Community and Conversion - both available across IDP websites and the IDP Live app at no additional cost to our Core Partners.  

P2P Community  Our content-focused P2P Community service enables prospective students to browse user-generated content - such as photos and videos – created by student ambassadors to offer a glimpse into student life.  

P2P Conversion The P2P Conversion service compliments the Community product by allowing prospective students who are further along in their research journey and have already shortlisted their subjects of interest to chat with student ambassadors to learn about their experiences.  

Research has shown that prospective students trust peer-generated content most when it comes to choosing where to study, not only because it offers a unique and relevant insider’s perspective but because it answers the questions students are really asking.

FastLane: matching the right international students to the right institutions

In late 2021, we launched our offer in principle service, now known as FastLane, to match prospective international students to suitable universities and courses around the world at the click of a button.

This ground-breaking service fast tracks students through to receiving an in-principle offer, before they are required to submit their applications, thereby ensuring that students can find the right courses and institutions faster and more easily. FastLane is available via the IDP Live app (which has 1m+ downloads), IDP websites, desktop and within counsellor offices, and provides students with all the information they need to make the right higher education choices.

How FastLane works

Accessible through an app, IDP sites and now across IDP offices, FastLane invites students to share their study goals and current qualifications. Upon completing their academic profiles, students are matched to courses they are eligible to apply for based on the rules the institution has set. If they want to proceed, students can receive an in-principle offer from their chosen institution within 30 minutes of submission.

This transformative real-time response means students only apply to courses where they know they meet the institution entry criteria, greatly reducing the number of applications they make, whilst institutions receive higher quality applications, more quickly.

Key benefits mentioned by FastLane clients include: 

- Accelerating and simplifying the application process for admissions teams

- FastLane ensures that only suitably qualified candidates are matched to the right courses 

- Diversification of their international portfolios

- Strengthening and building relationships with student counsellors in key student markets to ensure best-fit applicants are matched to the right institution and course 

Become a FastLane partner: FastLane partnership is available to all our Core Partners. Contact us using the footer below to discuss how to become a FastLane partner. If you are already a Core Partner you will still need to speak to us in order to activate this service.

Core Partnership

IDP’s Core Partnership enables institutions to work with us to generate success through our unrivalled digital and physical scale.

- Our digital scale: A traffic base of 100m visits annually, trusted student-facing brands, and omnichannel mix

- Our physical scale: 170+ offices in 60 countries, with counsellors around the world

Combined with our unique ways of working and student-first approach, Core Partnership is the gateway to students through IDP’s global presence. This premium product brings together the best of our offering and provides our partners with a full 360°, end-to-end service that will plan, market, recruit and convert.


Access to IQ Demand data, sector dashboards, exclusive market intelligence reports, and early access to on-the-ground intelligence.


Engagement with the largest network of actively researching prospective students worldwide, across IDP’s 40 different websites through digital marketing and the IDP app.


Custom campaigns to reach students at every stage of the funnel through to enrolment, paired with targeted recommendations from our Client Success teams, ensuring clarity and measurable outcomes from your investment with IDP.

Become a Core Partner: Contact us using the footer below to discuss how to partner with IDP

Key facts

2,300+Student-first counsellors worldwide
84,600Course enrolments
370k+Applications generated globally per year

“Core Membership has assisted us in accelerating our growth in key recruitment markets and is now clearly an essential part of our IDP partnership and our overall strategy. As a global recruitment partner, the membership has increased our awareness across a range of key international markets whilst also delivering demonstrable return on investment.”

CP-Integrated student recruitment- Joe Rossiter

Joe Rossiter

Associate Director, International Recruitment & Partnerships Leeds Beckett University

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