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Hotcourses Group and IDP launch new student recruitment platform

Hotcourses Group and IDP Education are excited to announce a pioneering international student recruitment partnership connecting 66 million prospective students searching online for courses with highly trained educational counsellors throughout the world. This model heralds the first end-to-end marketing and recruitment solution and seamless student journey from initial internet search through to enrolment and beyond.

Launch Highlights

  • Beautifully designed Digital Content Platform that showcases institutions using compelling copy, dynamic video and inspiring photography, making them the most vibrant digital space available for students to begin their journey to university.
  • An unparalleled global reach to an audience of 66 million students actively seeking international education across 13 sites, 10 of which are in the users’ first language.
  • Internet enquiries channelled through to IDP’s global network of highly trained counsellors, ensuring students are fully supported at every stage.
  • Official launch dinner after the International Insights Day

Who are Hotcourses Group and IDP Education?

Hotcourses Group is one of the busiest recipients of study abroad searches in the world, with annual traffic of 66 million and 12 international facing sites including Hotcourses Abroad, The Complete University Guide and 10 country specific sites in local language with unique, tailored content written by native speakers. It has one of the largest databases of educational courses in the world ensuring students can find the right country, institution and course for them.

IDP Education is a recognised global leader in international student placement services. Assisting international students in gaining access to overseas education since 1969, it currently has a network of 89 international student placement centres and offices in 32 countries.

Both companies have combined forces in a new partnership model that makes it easy for international students to research, find, apply and join their desired courses at institutions throughout the world. We believe that this industry-first model will spearhead major changes in the international student recruitment sphere.

What’s changed for students?

International students are making complex, expensive and often life-changing decisions in tumultuous socio-economic times. They have more global choice and English-taught programmes to choose from than ever before, yet the methods available to them to find the right course remain static.

Today’s digital native generation will start their research online but often then require the reassurance of speaking face-to-face with a highly experienced, independent and trained counsellor. Someone who will work to understand their needs, preferences and motivations – guiding them through the application process and supporting them right through to the day they arrive at university and often beyond.

The transition from digital search to face-to-face counsellor is currently in the hands of the student to navigate when in reality it should be quick, simple and transparent. The new model seamlessly transfers the student web enquiry to the counsellor who will follow-up with the student immediately.

Our own in-house mystery shopper exercise sent 1291 enquiries to nearly 200 universities throughout the world. Of these enquiries 28% didn’t receive a response and 62% of responses were automated. This is a major pain point for students and one we believe we can go a long way to eradicate – ensuring students enquiries are directly routed through to expert counsellors and they receive a quick and helpful response.

International students often don’t have the opportunity to visit and experience a university before they apply, in fact for many, the first time they set foot in the country, let alone on campus, will be at the beginning of their course. Our new Digital Content Platform aims to give students the best possible insight into the university, wherever they are in the world through the innovative use of the latest technologies that showcase the university in its best light. These immersive platforms have been in development for over six months and have been extensively researched and user tested to ensure that they appeal to students and they can find the information they want and need quickly and easily.

What’s changed for institutions?

You will have access and visibility to the largest online community of people actively seeking international education opportunities. Can you afford to not be seen by the millions of students using our sites every month?

Through the new Digital Content Platforms universities can communicate their unique strengths in the best possible way. The platform is also highly customisable allowing institutions to tailor the content according to the audience. A dedicated section of the platform allows clients to highlight topical, important information such as new scholarships, imminent in-country visits, exciting news or even alumni success stories.

Institutions will have full visibility throughout a student’s journey to them through a bespoke dashboard, showing conversion statistics and demonstrating real-time ROI – a step forward in the recording and managing of the recruitment and application process.

Experience shows that the quicker enquiries are responded to and the quality of the response has a direct impact on a customer or students’ decision making. This launch will ensure quick and efficient, but more importantly, expert handling of your enquiries – putting you ahead of your competitors without overloading your in-house enquiry teams.

Hotcourses Insights data has highlighted the impact that socio-political events can have on student recruitment choices and the growing competition from emerging and non-traditional destinations. The global reach of our digital platforms will enable you to diversify into new markets with little or no resource implications – lessening the impact of future events on your institution’s bottom line.

In the past, universities have often relied on paid leads which yield low rates of conversion or resource intensive and difficult to track face-to-face recruitment activity. This model will reduce your reliance on low converting leads and give you full tracking and visibility, allowing for detailed ROI reports.

How are we going to do it?

Through the development of new technology, beautiful design and sector leading customer experiences we believe that we have the power to change the international student recruitment experience for the better – for both students and institutions.

Digital Content Package

The world’s first end-to-end student marketing and recruitment service. Delivering your content across Digital Content Platforms.

IDP Client Partner content will be displayed:

  • Across all Hotcourses Group sites, translated into 10 languages – reaching an annual global audience of 34m prospective students.
  • On The Complete University Guide with an additional 7m international visitors a year.
  • On the newly relaunched with an additional 17m visits per year.

As a default, all enquiries to the university will go directly to IDP’s global network of counsellors and are supported through to enrolment.

This package also gives institutions the ability to leverage our comprehensive global network of media, social media and even local television slots. This allows institutions to promote new scholarship opportunities and to research news, events and overseas trips as well as other content using our international social media channels (2.5 million active users) quickly and easily – further raising your profile and reputation in key markets.

Many thanks to those institutions who have already purchased this package. We are very much looking forward to welcoming increased volumes of student interest to your institutions ahead of the January 2018 launch date.

We have capacity to launch a further 50 Digital Content Packages for institutions before January 31 so please do register your interest with your account manager now if you’d like to take early advantage of all the benefits this end-to-end service has to offer.

Existing IDP clients who chose not to purchase the new Digital Content Package will have a standard institution profile on the relaunched IDP Global website.

Digital Marketing Package

By utilising online re-targeting services we are able to display university specific adverts to students actively searching for international study opportunities and to those who have recently visited your content or a competitor’s content on one of the Hotcourses Group or IDP sites.

This allows universities to:

  • Efficiently and effectively target a large population of people actively searching for universities or courses similar to their offering.
  • Use Hotcourses Insights data to target key countries or regions that are proven to show high demand for their courses or other institutions with courses similar to theirs.
  • Get full reporting on views and click throughs to their site or back to a Hotcourses Group or IDP site for enquiry management and conversion.


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