On & off-site promotion

Offering institutions high-impact advertising solutions

The digital expertise we offer means that institutions are able to prioritize specific audiences and niche courses via onsite and off-site promotions.



Our onsite options allow institutions to choose from a wide variety of high-impact banner advertising choices, customized to boost recruitment on websites where users are already actively searching for study opportunities. Advertising can be structured by subject, study level and location, thereby ensuring maximized brand presence.


Our off-site options offer institutions the opportunity to display targeted advertising to people who have visited our sites and are now browsing the web elsewhere. This allows institutions to reach a highly-qualified audience of users who are actively researching HE opportunities, including those who have looked at competitor institutions.

Our targeted advertising leads to greater user engagement with the campaigns in the form of more click-throughs and conversions to inquiry and application.

We have a total average conversion rate of around 6-8% of post views & post clicks.

In addition to this we are able to use the data and insights we have on our visitors to actively reach out across the web to people who look and act like our visitors, thereby greatly increasing the reach of advertising campaigns and increasing awareness of specific institutions to a greater number of people.

The process

  1. Decide on your institution’s goals:
    • Webclicks
    • Inquiries
    • Viewbook downloads
  2. Select your competitor set (a minimum of 5 institutions).
  3. We will ask you to place a conversion tracking pixel on relevant pages on your site.
  4. You supply us with your advertising creative.
  5. We will then retarget prospective students viewing your and your competitors’ profiles and course pages with your advertising and messaging.
  6. At the end of the campaign we will provide you with a full report including impressions, clicks, CPC, CTR, completed goals and CPA.

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