International Content Hub

Feature your most compelling stories to prospective students

Focused on immersive video-led content, our international content hubs allow institutions to showcase the stories, successes and innovations that resonate most with prospective students around the world.

Institutions are able to promote market-specific and translated content to prospective students across our suite of world-leading student-facing websites with each content hub adapted to suit the nuances of individual markets.


Our expertise in creating country-specific content allows us to work closely with institutions ensuring that their recruitment goals are successfully met.  With the largest prospective student reach in the world and 50 years of experience in the higher education sector, we consistently design products and services to meet the market’s needs.

Content hub partners have the opportunity to:
  • Promote market-specific, translated content to prospective students across over 12 IDP Connect international sites.
  • Gain exclusive access to our partner network with a social media following of 2 million with exposure across regional Facebook pages and access to country-specific media.
Fast Stats:
  • Our in-house team created a content hub video for the University of Westminster, which led to a 265% increase in web page clicks (see video below).
  • Content hubs with rich content see on average a 10% increase in time spent on-site.

Content hubs with featured videos have had 3 times the number of enquiries compared to those without video content.

Sam Skinner

Director of International Admissions
University of Hartford 

“It’s hard to find a vendor that is responsive and takes the time to learn about the institution to a point where they can craft a product that fits you well, and I think that IDP Connect has done a great job at doing that.”

Steven Shaw

Assistant Vice Provost University At Buffalo – SUNY

“We’re working with IDP Connect to help build out the prospect and inquiry pool. We know now that students are inquiring about programs all over the world, and that they’re applying to 10, 12, even 15 colleges. Our entire process is about taking as personal of an approach as possible, and making that connection. Not just because we want them to enroll, but because we want them to feel that University at Buffalo is the right place for them.”

You can view our partners’ content hubs below. To learn more, get in touch with our client partnership team.