Build your institutional IQ with unique student demand intelligence and analytics

IDP Connect IQ helps you address the key challenges faced by higher education institutions in unlocking the potential of data and intelligence.

IQ services offer a holistic view of the global higher education landscape, using the world’s largest combined data set of student demand. From initial online search to application, offer, and enrollment, we can track global student demand in real-time.

Institutions are empowered by our unique proprietary data and make better decisions through the power of analytics. With our range of IQ services, IDP Connect is leading the shift from retrospective to forward-looking intelligence; from descriptive to predictive analytics while infusing our education expertise to provide truly actionable insights.

  • Are you looking to review your portfolio?
  • Do you want to better understand subject and regional demand?
  • Do you want to benchmark against your competitors?
  • Do you want to develop a marketing strategy based on real-time data?

IQ unearths the unknown opportunities for your institution, unlocking potential routes to untapped markets.

The benefits
  • Accelerate and improve decision-making across your institution.
  • Invest in new programs and markets through data and analytics.
  • Increase competitor intelligence to shape your future student strategy.
IQ On-Demand

Access real-time, granular demand analytics at your fingertips with our self-service IQ subscription.

Our range of On-Demand services empower institutions to make better decisions rapidly through advanced data visualization, granular filtering, and strategic intelligence summaries.

  • Real-time student demand tracker powered by Tableau
  • Granular program-level analytics
  • Trend analysis
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Sector-level data visualization for all key markets
  • Regular strategic intelligence reports
  • IDP student placement analytics (Coming soon)

Ensure that deep intelligence and analytics are the key drivers of your strategy.

IQ Consulting services are tailored to your institution’s specific goals and requirements. Your project will be completely custom-built, with our expert teams working tirelessly to cross-examine our data and equip you with the knowledge and insight to implement enhanced strategies.

  • Custom demand analytics and personalized data visualization
  • Market gap analysis and opportunity assessment
  • Program development analysis
  • International student placement funnel benchmarking
  • Tailored competitor analysis
  • Google Analytics consulting

Place customer and stakeholder intelligence at the heart of your decision making

IQ Research services answer the questions your institution wants to know, delivering tailor-made research projects that utilize a global network of students and counsellors to provide in-depth answers and a unique insight into the student market.

  • Custom research projects
  • In-depth interviews with students and counselors
  • Insight from 90+ markets
  • Unique student sampling
  • Comprehensive desk research

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What educators are saying

Melissa Mace

AVP of International Enrollment, Maryville University

“IDP Connect insights inform how we plan our recruitment year. Before we plan, travel, build online outreach – we consult our insights data to be sure we are making smart, strategic decisions.”

Professor Michael Arthur

President and Provost, University College London

“The insights tool provides Universities with the kind of rich, sophisticated data that can truly inform international recruitment strategy. It really is unique in its ability to provide real-time data to drive, for example, key decisions on volume vs diversity.”