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Maryville University

Melissa Mace, Assistant Vice President Enrollment

“I always tell folks, if you have a limited number of marketing dollars, IDP Connect is your best bet. They have offerings in every international market and you can get both language-specific content or you can go global with English. I think IDP Connect does lead generation, market softening, and brand awareness better than anyone else.”


Long Island University

Ryan Buck, Dean

“This is the second university that I’ve worked with IDP Connect at and it’s been a really positive experience for our campus, for comprehensive internationalization, and for our partners all over the world. It’s really a useful tool for all of us in this industry trying to attract new partners and new students.”


University of Hartford

Sam Skinner, Director of International Admissions

“It’s hard to find a vendor that is responsive and takes the time to learn about the institution to a point where they can craft a product that fits you well, and I think that IDP Connect has done a great job at doing that. “