Terms and Conditions (EMT)

IDP Connect Enrollment Matching Team -EMT Terms and Conditions

February 2019

The below clauses are applicable to Customers using the Enrollment Matching Team (EMT) and do not replace of the main IDP Connect Terms and Condition. By signing this Terms and Conditions, the Parties accept and agree to the terms of and will be bound by the EMT Data Processing Agreement (EDPA) as set out at EDPA.

  1. Definitions:

Enrollment Matching Tool or EMT is the enrollment matching tool the Customer can run to determine the total number of applications or enrollments the Customer received via the Website;

Party means each of the Customer and IDP Connect and together the Customer and IDP Connect are the Parties;

IDP Connect is a division of IDP Education, global leaders in student marketing and recruitment;

2.1 The Customer shall use all necessary professional skill and care in running the EMT and selecting and setting the correct data sets to achieve an accurate set of results from the running of the EMT. IDP Connect shall have the right to investigate whether the EMT was run correctly and using the correct data sets, including by an audit of the appropriate books and records of the Customer to the extent necessary to allow it to verify the accuracy of the EMT results. The Customer is obligated to re-run the EMT using the corrected data sets at IDP Connect request.

2.2 When the Customer runs the Enrollment Matching Tool, personal data shall be processed in line with the EMT Data Processing Agreement.

2.3 IDP Connect shall extend the period of the Advertising Contract if the CPA Budget is not exhausted until established by further EMTs run at times decided by IDP Connect.

2.4 If the Customer fails to run the EMT at the end of the Advertising Contract or any other times designated by IDP Connect, or fails to run it with corrected data sets as requested in accordance with clause 13.1 above, IDP Connect is discharged from its obligations to provide further applications and/or enrollments via the Website and the Customer will be liable to pay the Fees in full.

2.5 The Customer is licensed to use the EMT solely for the purposes of the Customer Contract. Any other use of the EMT is expressly prohibited. The licence is non-exclusive and non-transferable. The Customer may load the EMT and use it on one computer which is solely used by the Customer. The Customer may not:

(a) rent, lease, distribute, sub-license, loan, copy, modify, adapt, merge, translate, reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble the whole or any part of the EMT (except as allowed by law); or

(b) except as expressly provided in this agreement, to use, reproduce or deal in the Software in any way.


2.6 The EMT is licensed “AS IS” without any warranty. IDP Connect disclaims all warranties and conditions as to quality or fitness for purpose, whether express or implied by statute or otherwise.