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International student recruitment conference 2023

Join us - IDP Connect - UUKi, and the wider international education sector as we discuss and bring to the forefront the latest challenges and opportunities in international student recruitment.

The conference will provide a platform for participants to discuss key pressing factors currently influencing and impacting the sector, including the recent immigration policy changes. The theme of the conference will be "Sustaining growth, maintaining quality".

Following these recent policy changes, conference discussion points will include:

  • How do we counter this rhetoric to maintain our reputation as a welcoming study destination?

  • How do we adapt to continue to grow sustainably?

  • How do we ensure we maintain quality and focus on the international student experience?

This 1-day event will host over 100 senior leaders, both in person and remotely. Please note that this event is only open to UUKi members.

Rachel MacSween and Emma Skelton, IDP Connect Insights and Workshop at 1.10 pm

Global shifts in the student recruitment landscape: trends, challenges and opportunities

Our international recruitment experts, Rachel MacSween, Director of Partnerships and Stakeholder Engagement (UK and Europe) and Emma Skelton, Associate Head of Client Success, International (UK & Europe) will provide insights into the latest global policy updates from leading destination countries.

They will also offer an exclusive sneak peek into Emerging Futures 4, our bi-annual report, which compiles insights from over 10,000 international students, unveiling their motivations and perspectives when considering studying abroad. Following each presentation, there will be time for participants to engage in group discussions and share feedback on how recent policy changes and shifts in international recruitment behaviours have impacted their institutions. Then, we will address the opportunities and challenges facing UK universities.

Find out more about the event

For more information about the International Student Recruitment Conference 2023 and to book tickets, visit the event website here:

Visit the International Student Recruitment Conference website