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Web Traffic Trends on CUG: Clearing Part 2

Recently, we looked at the how the external Clearing environment has changed and how the choice and power has shifted away from universities and into the hands of the students as they navigate Clearing and Adjustment (read article here). This week we’ve decided to look deeper into the traffic and the data that we have on the Complete University Guide (CUG).

Over the past month CUG has seen a 182% increase in traffic to the Clearing and Adjustment homepage compared to the same period in 2017, all pages in the Clearing section of the site have seen an 82% increase.

These are substantial increases for a site that has over 18 million visits a year and over half a million visits during the week of Clearing, Adjustment and A-Level results last year. Already, the institutions in our featured-providers slots are receiving fantastic exposure and high-quality traffic through to their sites. There is a handful of these featured-provider slots available for universities wishing to engage with this audience.

Browsing Trends

To look a little deeper at these visits, we can, much to our surprise, see that the percentage of visitors using a mobile phone has decreased compared to last year. Perhaps this suggest that visitors are doing in-depth research on their desktops, rather than casual mobile browsing.

Looking at the content that people are accessing, the Clearing FAQs are proving to be the most popular page, followed by a Guide to Clearing. This, in our opinion, shows the real need students have for clear, independent advice to help them navigate Clearing. This gives us confidence that as we build up to Clearing and Adjustment and add more content, engagement levels and visitor numbers will continue to grow.

Most Popular Subjects

Last year the most popular subject searches were, in order, Law, Economics, Medicine, Psychology and Mathematics. We’ll be keeping a close eye on this throughout August to see if there is any significant change from one year to the next.

A-Level results day is less than three months away and we have a limited number of options available on CUG for universities wishing to engage with this large, and growing, captive audience.

To find out more and receive our Complete University Guide Clearing Media Pack, please contact your account manager or email

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