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WUSCA 2019 – Interactive Data Visualisations

Here you can explore the 2019 Whatuni Student Choice Awards in depth, comparing different universities, mission groups, locations and categories. This data is based on over 41,000 student reviews from 131 institutions.

Radar Diagram
In the below interactive visualization, the further away from the centre any point is, the higher the score. Each line is then coloured by a variable of your choice using the ‘Colour By’ drop down on the right hand side.
On the right-hand side, you can choose to switch WUSCA categories on and off in the diagram. Make sure to have the Radar Join field switched on!
Across the top are 4 filters you can use, for specific Universities, Mission Groups, Countries and Years.
Finally, the Break By drop down in the top right determines whether to split each category apart by University (ie a Radar line for each university), or whether to split each category apart by the Colour By parameter (if you want to aggregate the lines by Country or Mission Group, for example).


Scatter Diagram
In the below scatter diagram, every dot represents a University. The closer the line is to 45 degrees, the stronger the correlation between the two variables.
You can choose the variables on each axis using the drop-down menus. On the right-hand side, you can also choose to colour the dots by a third category (blue for high scores, red for lower scores), and size them by a fourth category.

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