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Celebrating a Decade of Hotcourses Abroad

The flagship international site for Hotcourses Group, Hotcourses Abroad, is celebrating its ten-year anniversary this month. In an ever-changing international education sector, the website has been a pillar of strength, guiding millions of students all the way through their study abroad journey each year.

“Hotcourses Abroad is unique for a range of different reasons, primarily because it puts the content that students want at the heart of its proposition”, says Aaron Porter, Director of Insights at Hotcourses Group.

Marketing Pioneers

Not only does it provide much-needed support for students, the website has also become a pioneer in international marketing and recruitment.  With the introduction of the Insights tool, and the rolling out of the new digital model featuring Content Hubs that display university information in a unique and interactive way, Hotcourses Abroad has grown into an integral part of the marketing strategy for some of the biggest, and most popular, universities across the planet.

The Content Hubs have a strong emphasis on video, and this seems to be resonating with the student audience. As well as time on page rates increasing by an average of 30%, the email conversion rate has risen threefold and the video created by our in-house team for the University of Westminster has led to a 265% increase in web clicks on their page.

Looking to the Future

While we’re delighted to celebrate the achievements of Hotcourses Abroad over a decade, we’re also looking forward to an exciting future. The partnership with IDP Education gives students access to one of the best pools of education counsellors in the world, and that is just one example of the numerous ways that Hotcourses Abroad will continue to deliver results in one of the most testing, dynamic sectors around.

Simon Emmett, CEO, Hotcourses Group, said: “I’m so excited for the future, I think the opportunities are almost limitless. We’ve really transformed from initially being a research site into a full service, an end-to-end solution for students all the way through to enrolment.”

Have a look at the video below for an explanation of the different elements of Hotcourses Abroad’s offering, and its vision for the future.

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Celebrating a Decade of Hotcourses Abroad
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