International Higher Education

Understanding the impact of policy on international student demand

Forming part of our quarterly series with Universities UK International, we’re delighted to present our latest findings on student demand from key source countries, including India, Brazil and Saudi Arabia, to a range of destination countries. We also focus on real-time demand coming from various regions across India to the UK.

Our data reflects online traffic of 77 million visits per year to our international sites, thereby allowing institutions and partners to make strategic marketing decisions and see the bigger picture based on real-time trends. Our interactive graph below allows you to select the source and destination countries of your choice to see relevant trends. If you’d like to read our previous reports with Universities UK International on international student trends, click here, and to find out more about our insights tool, visit this page. To download the full report here or visit Universities UK International.

Universities UK international & IDP Connect quarterly international data release (part 3)


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