Virginia Macchiavello is the Associate Vice President of International Education, Business Development at Centennial College of Applied Arts and Technology, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Centennial’s international student population is over 12000 students from more than 150 sending countries.  The geographic recruitment model she developed ensures a diverse classroom with global perspectives for both domestic and international students. She is passionate about the importance of graduating trans nationalists with international skills for a global workforce that are prepared to work, live and negotiate across cultures contributing to the global economy and solutions to world issues.  She consults on international education issues and has been invited to speak in conferences around the world. ​

​She holds a Masters Degree in International Business and PG studies in International Trade Management and College Administration.  She earned a B.ED with specialization in Special Education, and a BA in English.​

​Macchiavello has held the position of President of ICEED (International Consortium of Economic and Education Development - Canada, U.S. and Mexico). In the Ontario College system, she has held positions of Professor, Director of Continuing Education, Chair of Applied Arts and Human Services, Director, International Development, Director of Innovation and Business Development and Dean of Student Services. She Chaired the first provincial committee of Heads of International and has assisted in best practice for the system.  ​

​The Panama Training Center designed and implemented by Virginia has won international awards in the United States and Canada. She has negotiated international corporate training projects, offshore satellite learning sites and delivered training in China, Colombia, India, Panama, Peru, Mexico and the United States. She has been instrumental in designing multi-country delivery of educational programs and a sustainable program to provide Global Education opportunities in social service, study, and work abroad for Canadian students around the world.  ​

​Most recently, Centennial was nominated by the City of Toronto for the Ontario Impact of the Economy Award.  Centennial was a finalist for 2015 and received the Gold Award for 2016.  Centennial has also won the CBIE Gold Medal international award and the CICan International award for excellence two years in a row.​