IDP corporate responsibility framework

We are committed to building a sustainable future and improving the lives of our customers and our people, as well as contributing to the growth and prosperity of our communities and the environments in which we operate in.

Alongside a range of global initiatives, including working closely with the Welsh Refugee Council in Wales, and the Swaed Association in Saudi Arabia assisting students with physical disabilities achieve their study ambitions, our Global Leadership team directly engage in a number of fundraising activities including Melbourne’s annual “Sleep at the G” (pictured below). In 2018 this event assisted Melbourne City Mission in funding Australia’s first ever 24/7 youth crisis accommodation centre, offering emergency accommodation, housing, health, education and employment support.

CP-Giving back-IDP Corporate responsibility framework

WONDER Foundation

IDP Connect and WONDER Foundation in Nigeria are partnered with the joint mission of providing a future where women and girls are empowered, educated, and valued. Since 2013, WONDER has worked in Nigeria to empower vulnerable women and girls to find dignified employment, fulfil their potential, and exit poverty through supporting them with access to quality education.​

WONDER was born from the belief that there is a more inclusive way to transform the lives of women around the world and follows a women-led, whole-person approach. Following a solutions-driven model, WONDER is guided by the six pillars of mentoring, quality education, sustainable employment, family support, a holistic and whole-person approach, and providing empowering spaces.

Beneficiary at Wavecrest College

Educating women and girls  

IDP Connect supports WONDER’s work at Wavecrest College in Lagos where 250 women and girls between the ages of 16 and 25 receive accredited vocational training in hospitality and digital skills.  The project also provides a career advice service that links students with businesses for internships - 90% of which result in immediate employment. IDP Connect’s ongoing support ensures that technology and software will be provided for the school, ten teachers will be trained in digital skills, and a research-based mentoring programme - which addresses root causes of poverty and supports the social integration of students - will be implemented.  Founded in 1978, Wavecrest College has produced over 2500 graduates with a 100% employment rate after 3-6 months of graduation. 40% of graduates go on to become entrepreneurs.  

WONDER works across 24 countries in Africa, South America, Asia, and Europe.