About Lily Rumsey

Lily, the Director of Global Engagement at Loughborough University, leads on the international engagement and impact core plan which coordinates the institutional response to its global reputation, research, partnerships and student community. Alongside growth and diversification of student enrolments. 

With a career in Higher Education spanning back to 2009, Lily is currently pursuing her Professional Doctorate in Education (EdD) at the University of Nottingham. Her research centres on the Saudi student experience and the role of UK Higher Education institutions, encapsulated in her thesis titled ' Saudi women’s experience of a UK Higher Education utilising the Capability Approach.’ 

In her role, Lily's responsibilities incorporate actively advancing Loughborough's ambitious agenda outlined in the new University strategy, 'Creating Better Futures. Together.' This senior leadership role holds immense significance as the university endeavours to take a transformative leap in its international pursuits. Lily's considerable experience across a broad range of internationalisation activity adds depth to her capacity to forge strategic partnerships, expand the global network, and bolster the university's reputation on a global stage.