Case studies

Helping institutions make data led decisions

University of Chichester

When we first started working with the University of Chichester, they were only able to report back on very top-level metrics from Google Analytics (GA), which meant that it was impossible for them to make data driven decisions.

We worked closely with the University to implement event effective tracking across their GA, which now allows them to view the number of prospectuses downloaded, and the number of students booking onto open days. We then worked together to implement goals, based on key actions surrounding recruitment, such as the number of enquiries submitted by prospective students.

Once goal completions were being attributed correctly, we were able to get a clear picture on which channels were delivering registrations and open day bookings, with the best ROI. With this new visibility of results, the team at Chichester have been able to make data led decisions on marketing spend – which helped increase Open Day attendance by 20% in Autumn 2019 (YoY).

Kirsty Cleak, Digital Marketing Manager, University of Chichester

How Enquiry Bundles drive search demand for universities

Discover how one client increased their onsite engagements by a total of 478%

We recently ran an Enquiry Bundle for one of our university clients on to boost their brand awareness, drive conversion and increase their engagement with prospective students. Their Enquiry Bundle on Whatuni saw a 238% increase in search demand from the moment it went live on 29th September until its end on 30th November 2020.

Our client outperformed its competitor set of 5 key competitors for the duration of their Enquiry Bundle. Their Enquiry Bundle led to:

  • A 478% increase in onsite engagements
  • A 238% increase in appearance in searches
  • A 346% increase in clicks generated


Enquiry Bundles boost universities’ brand awareness, engagement and conversion of prospective students across our three leading UK student-facing websites.  The impact on search demand and user interactions can be immediate.

To find out more about how Enquiry Bundles can enhance your return on investment and deliver more qualified leads, reach out to us on


Clearing 2019 Case Study Queen Mary University of London

Executive summary

Clearing 2019 presented one of the toughest student recruitment environments in recent times. In response, Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) partnered with IDP Connect to develop a nuanced digital marketing campaign, successfully utilising real-time market data to increase the quantity and quality of applications.

  • Congested Market
  • Increased Top Tier Competition
  • Scarcity of 18-year-olds
  • Heightened expectations of prospective students
How we helped
  • Data and intelligence informed decision making
  • On demand Account Management
  • Highly trackable referrals
  • Highly qualified leads (calls and web referrals)

A nuanced Grade Tariff Points strategy meant that targeting specific pockets of students, per subject, per competitor funneled only the most appropriate leads for Queen Mary to convert.


IDP Connect delivered

5 minute 48 second average call time and increased first year retention rate

1,406 calls spread over 136 hours

4,483 referrals leading to increased 2019 applications

2x average session duration and 10% higher goal conversion than other paid media

IDP Connect contributed 12.8%
of Queen Mary’s total calls over Clearing


Jay Sheikh

Campaigns and UX Manager
Middlesex University London

“Postgraduate search in the past few years, along with other IDP sites, has brought decent volumes of traffic to the Middlesex website. Furthermore, it has been quality traffic that had good engagement metrics and most importantly contributed to overall conversions.”



Leah Brown

Assistant Director of Marketing and Student Recruitment Queen Mary University of London

“The UK team at IDP Connect always provide an outstanding level of customer service. They are very quick to respond to requests and proactively monitor the performance of our campaigns, providing advice and suggestions where necessary. They are extremely knowledgeable about the sector and current trends and always generously share their knowledge and expertise. Most importantly, we feel they understand Queen Mary as an institution and as such have our best interests as a client at heart.”

Eriana Gourmos

Campaigns and Conversion Manager
Queen Mary University of London

“IDP Connect delivered a successful Clearing campaign based on market trends and the behavior of our target audience. Providing consultation and robust support, they boosted our campaign performance and contributed to the achievement of our student recruitment targets. I look forward to working with them again on our future campaigns”