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The global platform and connected community for students & institutions

At IDP Connect, we are the bridge connecting students and institutions from where they are, to where they want to be. The development of our digital global platform means we are uniquely positioned to drive positive change and transformation in the international higher and further education sector.

Combining our digital reach of more than 100 million visits across our trusted sites each year with our face-to-face network of expert counsellors, we provide a seamless and personalised omni-channel journey for students from research to enrolment and beyond.

We have created products in collaboration with students and institutions including search and matching technology, chatbots and application tools and together are creating the global platform and connected community for universities and potential students.

Owners of the world’s definitive student dataset and physical network, we have a unique helicopter view of the international higher education landscape. We leverage our unrivalled market intelligence to inform your marketing and recruitment strategies, while our real-time data tools identify opportunities for your institution.

Key Facts

More than 120 offices around the world in 32 countries

More than 1,200 student first counsellors

100 million visits per year to our international websites

9 out of 10 students would recommend our services to friends or family

1 referral for every 1 student who uses our services

IDP Results

There were more than 2,000 enrolments in 2018/19 from digital lead sources, which is now the 2nd highest source of students.

  • 1 in 9 Indian students commencing study in the UK were placed by IDP, 1 in 3 UAE and 1 in 5 Indonesian students.
Core membership

In order to leverage and benefit from our global platform we have created the core membership. Our core members are able to impact throughout the student journey whether through digital, face-to-face or both components of our platform.

By becoming a core member, you will receive the following benefits.

Identify opportunities

Access to unique data allowing you to validate your strategic decisions

  • Sector data dashboards, regular catch ups and reporting
  • Google analytics support
  • Regular reviews to understand recruitment and digital performance metrics.
  • Exclusive briefing webinars from IDP in-market staff to understand on-the-ground market shifts
  • Webinar briefing pack PDFs delivered and ad-hoc reports exclusively for core members
Attract student interest

Your rich content in local language reaching engaged international student audiences

  • High impact video content on Hotcourses, IDP & CUG
  • Content written and translated into local language
  • High quality enquiries, passed to university or IDP
Re-connect and re-engage

High quality content that reaches students at every stage of their IDP journey

  • Immersive content reaches students interested in your university from every source including digital, walk-ins, events and referrals
Convert quality leads

The largest trusted global student placement network

  • In-country counselling teams follow up with students and their families to convert interest to application, offer and enrolment.
Enhanced services

You can also gain access to the largest combined data set of prospective student demands and trends in the world. These services include the following:

  • Access to custom reporting and data based on real-time student trends, which allows you to validate your strategic decision.
  • Target students by subject, study-level, location and competitor. Deliver high-impact display advertising to these students as they continue their research across the web
  • Influence students who view university content but are not first-time converters.

Conversion Plus Brochure


Core Membership Conversion Plus

Building on IDP Connect’s global counsellor network and unrivalled physical presence in key student market countries, our ongoing Digital Transformation has enabled a pivot towards new platforms, new channels and new conversion capabilities.  

With accelerated development in key areas, from virtual events to new apps, new sites and site features to AI technology, the Digital Transformation enables full-funnel nurturing personalised to each student. 

With a strong focus on being multi-platform and omnichannel, IDP Connect’s new digital products and services are at the cutting edge of student recruitment. Optimising the student’s entire journey to ensure their satisfaction and the best outcome for our partners.  

The new Core Membership Conversion Plus package provides our Core Members with exclusive access to IDP Connect’s new digital offerings, integrated into our world-leading physical presence. 

 Benefit from: 

  • Enhanced top-of-funnel capabilities, with 28 new regional IDP websites, organic traffic increasing by 40% and organic leads by 50% year-on-year* 
  • New events experiences in world market, including IDP Connect’s specialist virtual student events platform, with 27% higher student attendance year on year*  
  • New platforms and channels for student engagement, optimised for conversion, including new mobile apps and AI smart-matching tools 
  • 1,200+ counsellors trained to personalise the counselling experience through data collected through the student’s initial website research, with counsellors handling 33% more applications year on year* 
  • End-to-end lead nurturing and conversion activities. 1.5 million students reached through our email and SMS marketing in 2019  


Most importantly, our digital transformation is building a solid pipeline for our partners and supporting our students, personally nurturing each student at earlier stages in the funnel. 1 in 5 IDP students come from leads generated on our web platforms.  

Download the Core Member Conversion Plus Brochure for more details. 

Conversion Plus Brochure


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