International insights tool

Bringing you the world’s most comprehensive student-focused data sets and trends in real time

Our market knowledge and experience let us see your bigger picture, bringing you accurate data sets and analysis in real time. With a fully transparent partnership in place, you’ll have access to all the information and expertise you need to turn actionable insights into tangible outcomes.

Our clients have access to the largest combined data set of prospective student demands and trends in the world. This means that through our expertise and data-driven evidence, institutions are able to make sound decisions that drive better student recruitment outcomes.  


International provider statistics

Forming part of our insights features, our international provider tool allows you to monitor how international prospective students are engaging with your featured content, profiles and campaigns across our suite of international websites. Trackable metrics (linked to your institution) include web clicks, emails, course views, content views and profile views.

Our industry-leading insights tool allows institutions to
  • Understand the real-time impact of global policy decisions in a rapidly changing market
  • Identify areas of opportunity by monitoring demand for competing institutions
  • Make agile, data-led decisions on portfolio planning, marketing and in-country activity

We also deliver annual research programs that examine students’ perceptions of the five main English-speaking countries and the channels of information that influence their decision-making processes.

As experts by your side, we are able to track and understand trends while prospective students are still busy researching (via our HE Demand tool on the My IDP Connect insights dashboard). This allows our clients to understand where demand is coming from and how to better shape their marketing strategies and portfolio development.

If you’d like to find out more about this service, please get in touch with our client partnership team:

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What the sector says

Professor Michael Arther

President and Provost University College London

“The insights tool provides Universities with the kind of rich, sophisticated data that can truly inform international recruitment strategy. It really is unique in its ability to provide real-time data to drive, for example, key decisions on volume vs diversity.”

Jonathan Pritchard

Head of International University of Chester

“This tool will provide us with real time market intelligence on future students, which is non-existent in the sector.”