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It’s our mission to guide, support and inspire the next generation of students to make informed choices when navigating the complex and difficult decision of where to study. We do this through hosting the world’s most comprehensive course listings and having sector-leading content, student reviews, immersive video and user-generated content. This student-first approach ensures our digital marketing products deliver for students and for institutions – some of these are outlined below.


Rich profiles


One of IDP Connect’s advanced portfolio of sites, Postgraduate Search specialises in catering for students seeking a postgraduate education in the UK.

By collaborating with our partners across the sector, we have developed innovative products and services on the site that have a tangible impact and return on investment for our university and sector clients.

Trusted by 3.06 million visitors each year, postgraduatesearch.com guides prospective students in finding the postgraduate study options that are right for them.

This matching process is achieved by combining rich content, an intelligent and comprehensive course search tool, and direct linking of qualified leads to the websites of relevant institutions.

An accelerating market, resilient to external influences, and expanding in both size and scope, the UK postgraduate student market is rapidly growing in importance for higher education institutions. Leveraging our access to unrivalled, in-depth PG search data from our complete range of sites, Postgraduate Search delivers insight and marketing solutions to drive your postgraduate recruitment strategy to a highly qualified audience.

This enables clients to deliver personalised and highly targeted marketing that drives high quality engagement and interactions with their institution.


Postgraduate Search offers:

  • An audience that is engaged, actively searching and with high intent.
  • Informed students, quality leads, and a transparent ROI. Users spend an average of 11 minutes 48 seconds researching their options prior to completing a call-to-action.
  • Personalised content delivered to a highly targeted audience, informed by user behaviour and a large student database. 87% of the sites interacting audience carry out a filtered course search.
  • Visitors/Users spend an average of 2 minutes 11 seconds on a course-specific page
  • Access to new and as of yet unknown pockets of UK postgraduate demand, helping to secure your recruitment goals in this volatile era.
  • Unparalleled data and expertise to support you in developing your recruitment plans in line with a growing and changing market.

 Postgraduate Search Brochure

The Complete University Guide

Known for being one of the UK’s most respected HE league tables, a trusted source of information for over a decade, and attracting over 10 million visitors each year, the completeuniversityguide.co.uk supports students in finding their perfect higher education course.

Institutions on the website benefit from a platform through which they display rich content and core strengths to prospective students and key influencers who are already actively searching for study options.

In 2020, the website underwent a complete redesign to deliver a more modern, mobile-friendly and personalised experience for the user. The new website also created space for a range of new and improved marketing opportunities that have enhanced both the quality and quantity of leads for our partners.

With unrivalled brand recognition and intelligent user targeting, students receive the information they are looking for from a source they trust. Informed, highly engaged and confident users translate into quality leads and an attractive return on investment.


Complete University Guide offers:

  • Association with a brand that students, parents, teachers and careers advisers, trust, recognise and respect.
  • Leads who are well-informed, with strong intent to study, and well-positioned to complete key conversion goals. Students who click through to university websites have spent on average 11 minutes per session on their HE research
  • A personalised user journey that puts relevant, multimedia content in front of students at each stage of their research journey
  • Highly targeted advertising options informed by an unrivalled user data set and bespoke intelligent algorithm
  • A mobile-first platform and rich, multimedia content that engages with students in via their preferred medium

Complete University Guide Brochure


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Guaranteed Enquiries

The whatuni.com and postgraduatesearch.com course search tool is the most pivotal and widely used resource available to our partners. With guaranteed enquiries you can ensure that your institution is prioritised in the top tier of search results thereby driving significantly more content engagement and subsequent interactions.

Note: The peaks in the graph below indicate when enquiries were run on Whatuni.


ROI metrics: web traffic, email enquiries, open day bookings, Google Analytics tracking and enrolment matching tool.

To find out more and to see how you can benefit from guaranteed enquiries.

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