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Our team of trusted education experts across the world, combined with our global scale means our IQ services offer unrivaled actionable insight that provides institutions with the solutions to their challenges.  

Our real-time, global data set, from a student’s first digital search through to them arriving on campus, is the largest in the world and enables us to accurately forecast demand at a global and institution level, by region and by subject. However, it is our experts in both source and destination countries who understand the ‘why’ behind the data that add the real value to our IQ services.  

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IQ Subscription Services

What are IQ Subscription Services?

Our full suite of real-time dashboards, analytical tools and expert support help institutions elevate their performance in an increasingly competitive higher education arena. Drawing on the world’s largest live dataset of international students, we help institutions discover what, when, where and how students are approaching their studying experiences and to accurately predict future trends. Accessed through our portal, using unique IDP data the dashboards benchmark performance against competing institutions, show trends and forecast future demand. Predominately our subscription services inform:  

  • Portfolio development and rationalisation 

  • Pricing 

  • Demand by course and subject and by city and region 

  • Marketing and recruitment strategies and activity.   

 Our subscription services provide relevant, real-time insight into international student trends, using IDP’s unique and full-funnel data across 30 source countries, over 100 million digital searches and a platform that generates over 250,000 applications and 55,000 enrolments annually.   

Our global reach

190+Offices worldwide
55k+Course enrolments
100m+Site visits per year
8+ in 10Students would recommend us

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