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IDP Connect's IQ addresses the key challenges faced by higher education institutions by unlocking the full potential of data and intelligence. Empowered by our real-time student data and cutting-edge analytics, institutions can make informed and evidence-based decisions using our range of IQ services. IQ offers a full suite of raw data, analytical tools and expert support to help institutions elevate their performance in an increasingly competitive higher education arena. Drawing on the world’s largest live dataset of researching prospective students, we help institutions discover what, when, where and how students are approaching their studying experiences and to accurately predict future trends.

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IQ Consulting

IQ Consulting is a tailored service enabling institutions to gain the insight and intelligence of IDP’s range of local and global higher education experts.  

Focused on aiding universities marketing and recruitment of international students, our consultancy service draws on the unique local insight of our counsellors and the expertise of our destination country IQ teams.   Our consultancy can help across a number of areas:  

  • Portfolio and pricing optimisation 

  • International brand and reputation  

  • International marketing and recruitment strategies 

  • Full-funnel competitor benchmarking  

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A typical IQ consultancy package includes

12+ In-depth interviews with IDP student counsellors
50-60 Days of work spread across expert teams
2-3 Years of historic and third-party data researched, reviewed and analysed

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