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IQ On Demand

IQ On Demand addresses the key challenges faced by higher education institutions by unlocking the potential of data and intelligence. Empowered by our real-time data and cutting-edge analytics, institutions can make informed and evidence-based decisions using our range of IQ services.  These services provide institutions with a unique insight into the UK’s current and prospective student populations, combining both historic and live data from three of the UK’s most popular student research brands: Whatuni, Complete University Guide and Postgraduate Search. IQ On Demand tools enable real-time demand analysis, informed trend predictions and far-sighted recruitment strategies to drive conversion and deliver effective ROI outcomes. 

  • Are you looking to review your portfolio? 

  • Do you want to better understand subject and regional demand? 

  • Do you want to benchmark against your competitors? 

  • Do you want to develop a marketing strategy based on real-time data? 

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IQ Demand Tracker

Forming part of our UK home IQ package, Demand Tracker is a self-service subscription tool providing access to live data and exclusive intelligence reports. It enables institutions to track and forecast demand trends from as early as 1-2 years before students make their higher education decisions and identify changes in student behaviour. Institutions can also observe the impact of policy decisions, forecast areas of growth or decline and compare their performance in relation to competitor institutions. The tool equips institutions with the knowledge to make strategic decisions to actively drive student conversion. 

Benefits include: 

  • Real-time analytics focused on granular programme levels, subject searches, where demand is coming from, Clearing trends and more to allow for accelerated and improved decision-making 

  • Competitor benchmarking and increased competitor intelligence to shape future recruitment and marketing strategies 

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“The team at IDP Connect always provide an outstanding level of customer service. They are very quick to respond to requests and proactively monitor the performance of our campaigns, providing advice and suggestions where necessary. They are extremely knowledgeable about the sector and current trends and always generously share their knowledge and expertise. Most importantly, we feel they understand Queen Mary as an institution and as such have our best interests as a client at heart.”

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Leah Brown

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IQ Demand Tracker Premium

A new bolt-on addition to Demand Tracker, IQ Demand Tracker Premium allows additional comparative functionality for advanced portfolio analysis. With market-leading functionality, Demand Tacker Premium allows you to unlock unprecedented insight into national and competitor demand in relation to your institution. This is achieved through new dashboards, all with in-built three-way comparison, including subject area share, sub-discipline comparison and course gap analysis. 

Benefits include:  

  • Identifying which subjects are attracting the lion's share of your institution's demand and identifying where the opportunities lie at both a national and competitor level. 

  • Tracking trends in subject demand over time to monitor the flows of student interest for your institution against the UK as a whole and against your self-selected competitor set or a single competitor. 

  • Exploring geographical breakdowns of demand from overarching trends to granular detail, including by subject or sub-discipline. 

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