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IQ Consultancy is a tailored service offering institutions bespoke data, expert support and custom analytics to meet their unique needs and goals. We combine the world’s largest set of live student data sources, analytical tools and in-house expertise to provide full-funnel strategy analysis and deliver actionable insights specifically designed to secure and grow your institution’s position within the marketplace.

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Our IQ consultants have decades of director-level experience from universities, business, technology and analytics, and will work closely with you to drill down into the detail of how your institution is performing, where the opportunities are, and how to take advantage of them.  

Benefits include: 

  • Extensive portfolio development based on custom demand analytics and data visualisations 

  • Bespoke and in-depth competitor analysis  

  • Google Analytics consulting 

  • Qualitative insights drawn from our unmatched database of UK higher education researchers

  • Unique student sampling and comprehensive desk research to guide informed strategic action

A typical IQ consultancy project includes:

100m+Sites visited per year analysed for trends
2-3 yearsof historic and third party data researched and analysed
50k+Student enrolment data points

This provides universities with the kind of rich, sophisticated data that can truly inform international recruitment strategy. It really is unique in its ability to provide real-time data to drive, for example, key decisions on volume vs diversity.

Professor Michael Arthur

Professor Michael Arthur

Former Provost and President

University College London

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