Terms & Conditions (Australian clients)


By sending an order to IDP Connect the customer agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions.

1.  An email confirming a proposal is taken as a booking order and will be treated as a contractual agreement at the moment IDP Connect acknowledges receipt of the order. Where the customer places the order and requests IDP Connect to bill their advertising agency the contract is formed with the customer and the customer remains contractually obliged to make payment in the event the advertising agency fails to pay. Where an advertising agency makes the booking on behalf of the institution, the contract is formed with the agency who will be contractually obliged to make payment. Cancellations will be subject to a 100% cancellation fee. All cancellations must be made in writing or email and acknowledged by IDP Connect in writing or email.

2.  Most website options are for a twelve month period and start from the ‘go live’ date indicated. If no go live date is indicated then the booking will start 30 days from confirmation. If institutions fail to supply or approve their copy in time to go live on the date indicated, the twelve month chargeable period will start from the go live date indicated on this form or 30 days from confirmation if no live date is specified.

3.  Where bookings are made on a ‘Cost per Enquiry Model’, the price charged to the customer per web click, per email or other interaction will be that agreed at the point of booking. No guarantees are made by IDP Connect as to the mix of web clicks, emails or other interactions that are delivered for the budget assigned to the booking. IDP Connect reserves the right to run the advertising until the value of the booking has been delivered, beyond any date by which it was assumed delivery would have been completed at the point of booking. ‘Cost per enquiry model’ is the term used to charge for advertising on a price per click (to the advertiser’s website) and price per emailed enquiry basis (or other interaction types agreed). Advertisers agree a budget at the time of booking, which is reduced according to the contracted price for each click and email delivered, until the budget is exhausted. Customer’s advertising will remain live until the budget has been exhausted.

4.  IDP Connect provide a platform for providers to advertise their courses, we do not guarantee sale of these courses.

5.  By submitting or approving content for use on our websites, the customer acknowledges and agrees that acquires no proprietary interest in our website or its content, and may not use them in any way except as expressly permitted by IDP Connect and only for the duration of the commercial agreement (e.g. translated content used on the customer’s website may not be displayed after the expiry date of the booking). Translated content bookings are only allowed in conjunction with equivalent English version.

6.  The institution shall ensure that it owns the copyright and all other intellectual property rights in any information that it provides to IDP Connect for subsequent publication.

7.  If no copy is provided the customer permits IDP Connect to take images and text from the institutions website and / or prospectus to facilitate the order. In the event that the institution does not own the images and text taken from the website, the institution will indemnify IDP Connect against any and all copyright and / or intellectual property claims brought by the owners of the images and texts in the event of any subsequent publication. Should a booking remain incomplete due to the customer not providing the requested information, and it not being available on their website, full payment of the order value is still due.

8.  For translated profile booking on our international sites, a maximum of two sets of amendments may be made to profiles in one year. However, an unlimited amount of changes to English copy can be made by advertisers via https://my.idp-connect.com

9.  If required banner and press advertising can be made up by IDP Connect Ltd for an agreed charge. The minimum charge is AUD $250.

10.  All quoted prices, exclude GST. If your institution is GST exempt, please send us a GST exemption certificate or letter and your invoice will be sent without GST.

11.  Invoices are issued on receipt of the order. Payment terms are 30 days from date of invoice or publication whichever is the earlier. IDP Connect can where appropriate charge interest on overdue payments at a rate of 8% plus the current reference rate.

12.  All information relating to identifiable people (students) using our website and passed to customers should be treated as confidential. The customer shall agree to maintain all such confidential information in confidence and using at least the same degree of care as it employs with respect to its own confidential information. It is important to note, that in many circumstances if the customer changes the purpose of data usage, they will need to seek consent for data processing from the students directly. The customer shall ensure that secure methods are in place prior to confidential information being passed to authorised third parties.

13.  As an existing customer, you agree to being sent periodic updates on our products and services. The option to opt-out will be included in all related correspondence.

14.  In the event that the institution cancels, does not pay as agreed or for any reason is unable to accept enquiries from a cost per enquiry booking (e.g. the institution is not running courses) this may result in the removal of profile from our website/s. Should not all the booked guaranteed enquiries be fulfilled by this time the full outstanding booking value is still due and payable.

15.  IDP Connect will not be liable to the customer if for any reason beyond its control its websites are unavailable at any time or for any period.

16.  The agreement is governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Australia and any dispute is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Australia. IDP Connect have the right to instigate enforcement action abroad where there is likelihood of recovery of debt from a business or individual. In this situation the customer is liable for these costs including staff travel.

Terms & Conditions were last reviewed in March 2019