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The annual Open Doors data release is an exciting day for International Education professionals. The eagerly awaited Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange is the only long-standing, comprehensive information resource on international student mobility to the US, and it is a valuable tool for strategy and planning. But as busy professionals with competing priorities, many of us lack the time to take a deep dive into the data.

That’s where IDP Connect’s IQ dashboards come into play. We are happy to announce that the 2021/2022 Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange data is now live on IDP Connect’s IQ dashboards. Through a partnership with the Institute for International Education (IIE), IDP Connect processes the annual Open Doors data and provides it to you in the format of on-demand, interactive dashboards and data visualizations powered by Tableau. We do the hard work of parsing through the data, and present it in helpful, easy-to-navigate dashboards. Our data visualizations, charts, and graphs summarize the important takeaways from Open Doors and help you apply data insights at your institution.

Through IDP Connect’s Open Doors dashboards, you can:

  • Filter data by country of origin, study level, field of study, and state

  • Understand the big picture using interactive data visualizations

  • Analyze historical trends over the last decade

Highlights from this year’s data:

  • International student enrollment has rebounded to near pre-pandemic levels: 948,519 international students studied in the US in 2021/22, up 3.8% from last year

  • Nearly 70% of enrollments came from Asia

  • Most popular host states: California, New York, Massachusetts, Texas, Pennsylvania

  • Top 3 enrollment swings: India (+18%), Germany (+60%), Spain (+41%)

  • Top 5 sending countries: China, India, South Korea, Canada, Vietnam

  • Enrollments from China declined (-8.6%) while enrollments from India grew significantly (+18%)

  • Graduate enrollments (40.6%) have overtaken undergraduate enrollments (36.3%)

The Open Doors dashboards are just one element of IDP Connect’s IQ solutions, available as a benefit to Core Partners, or as a subscription. Through our data and consultancy services, we provide unrivalled data and intelligence to inform your institution’s international student recruitment strategy. IQ clients have access to Demand Tracker, a tool that draws on the world’s largest live student dataset and provides real-time analytics on global demand trends, competitor benchmarking, and international student survey results.

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CP - Image-Emma Sletteland
Emma Sletteland25 February 2023