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IDP’s Emerging Futures II research revealed that 74% of prospective international students consider access to mental health support as either “important” or “very important” while studying overseas. And of those already at their institution, 72% said that poor mental health affected their studies. 

Our report "Supporting the Mental Health of International Students: Prioritizing Student Wellbeing in Strategy" provides in-depth analysis of the survey findings and looks at some of the most pertinent correlations between the attitudes of prospective students and those who are at their study destination. It also provides some key insights for institutions who wish to highlight the student welfare services they offer to all students.  The report explores themes of: 

  • Episodes of poor mental health among students – expectation vs real-life experiences 

  • How study style and pre-study orientation affects student mental health 

  • How living circumstances and working while studying affects student mental health 

  • Importance, awareness, and effectiveness of mental health support services 

  • Correlations and key marketing action planning 

Supporting the Mental Health of International Students: Prioritising Student Wellbeing in Strategy  

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Jane Venn
Jane Venn08 March 2023