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Join us for our upcoming webinar on 4 May focused on key insights and takeouts from our Emerging Futures research in addition to exploring our recent IQ Demand Tracker data. Following on from our highly successful Crossroads series, Emerging Futures sheds light on the motivations and perspectives of prospective international students from vital source markets.   

Your hosts - Jonah Duffin, Director of External Relations, Cherie Metcalf, Head of Marketing and Communications (UK & Europe), and Elle Butler, Head of Marketing (North America) – will be dissecting these trends plus exploring other critical factors that are driving international higher education.   Over 10,000 respondents from a variety of student markets have participated in our Emerging Futures research, including the highest number of Chinese respondents we’ve had at just under 2000, and just over 2000 Indian respondents.

We’re looking forward to sharing our actionable insights to help guide your marketing and recruitment drives.

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Join us for our upcoming webinar on 4 May 2022

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