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In this inaugural IDP Connect Global Student Marketing Podcast episode, we follow a discussion about our major destination markets led by Director of External Relations, Jonah Duffin, with contributions from regional leaders at IDP Connect who contribute insight into the present and future of four major student destination markets. You can listen to the podcast on Buzzsprout here, or through Apple Podcasts here.

The podcast is chaired by IDP Connect Director of External Relations, Jonah Duffin, with panellists:

  • Christine Wach, Director of Client Relationships for Canada

  • Katie Duncan, Head of Marketing and Communications for APAC

  • Ryan Fleming, Client Director for the USA

  • Emma Skelton, Senior Client Manager for the UK

The panel cover key issues for each destination region including:

  • Student visa and post-study work visa policies

  • Restrictions and requirements for entering each destination country

  • Course delivery methods and the learning experience at institutions

  • Student support at a governmental and institutions level

The podcast highlights the challenges, successes and opportunities for both institutions and destination regions in attracting, retaining and protecting international students during COVID-19. The panel also provides expert insight into which steps should be taken by each region in order to protect the best interests of students and higher education institutions during the pandemic. For any further support or information regarding the issues discussed in these podcasts, please reach out to us here.

Listen to the full podcast series

The full IDP Connect Global Student Marketing podcast series is available to listen to on the IDP Connect Buzzsprout channel, available here:

Jonah Duffin
Jonah Duffin15 September 2020