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As the UK edges closer to both an easing of COVID-19 restrictions and the September intake, estimates on how the international student intake will look this year are bringing up a variety of results.

Ranking high in UK institutions’ concerns are questions over demand from China: whether and when it will rebound to pre-pandemic levels, how trends are shifting, and how to secure a strong position in this critical market moving forward.

Helping to answer these key questions, we’re delighted to share our latest podcast focused on Chinese student demand trends. You can listen to the podcast on Buzzsprout here.

The podcast is led by Ed Kelly, Head of International Client Partnerships, who is joined by Venice Yun, Destination Director for China. Together they discuss key topics relating to Chinese recruitment to the UK and across the world during the COVID-19 pandemic, before focusing on predictions based on recent trends.

Venice goes on to share her first-hand insight on how to respond to a growing multi-destination approach as students are increasingly considering other destinations, such as Macao SAR, Hong Kong SAR, Singapore and Malaysia, in their research.

From this context, Venice also shares important tips as to how UK institutions can maximise the increased demand due to border closures in Australia, fend off other competitor destinations, and identify new opportunities arising in the Chinese market.

Should you have any questions on how we can support your institution, please get in touch with us here.

Listen to the full podcast series

The full IDP Connect Global Student Marketing podcast series is available to listen to on the IDP Connect Buzzsprout channel, available here:

CP - Image - Aaron Porter
Aaron Porter12 May 2021