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In our second podcast episode, two institution representatives from Canada and Ireland share which communication, collaboration and student support strategies they’ve found the most effective and how they’ll be taking these learnings forward.

You can listen to the podcast on Buzzsprout Podcasts here.

The podcast is chaired by IDP Connect Director of External Relations, Jonah Duffin, with panellists:

  • Cyndi McLeod, Chief Executive Officer of Canada Global University Systems

  • Declan Coogan, Associate Director, Student Recruitment at Trinity College Dublin

The panel cover key issues for institutions :

  • How communication strategies to support students during the pandemic have been adapted.

  • The effectiveness of institutions working together with governments and local authorities to support students.

  • How to be more responsive to student needs (e.g. by utilising alumni networks and facilitating peer-to-peer support).

The podcast highlights which approaches have seen the most success as well as what can be learned from the past few months and taken forward to further support students across destination regions. The panel also discus predictions for the coming months and how to juggle supporting current students with attracting new ones in the context of COVID-19.

Listen to the full podcast series

The full IDP Connect Global Student Marketing podcast series is available to listen to on the IDP Connect Buzzsprout channel, available here:

Jonah Duffin
Jonah Duffin15 October 2020