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The 5th episode in our podcast series tackles the subject of Clearing, including lessons learned, predictions for the future, and how institutions are adapting to serve students.

“How will Clearing be different in 2021?” is available to listen to on Buzzsrpout here.

Aaron Porter, Associate Director at IDP Connect, is joined by Vanessa Varvas, Chief Marketing Officer at the University of East London, and Melanie Fowler, Associate Chief Operating Officer at De Montfort University.

Key themes covered in the podcast include how expectations and motivations of students are changing, whether Clearing 2021 will be a more predictable and stable experience compared to Clearing 2020 and how the last year has enhanced digital platforms to better support student research.

Listen to the full podcast series

The full IDP Connect Global Student Marketing podcast series is available to listen to on the IDP Connect Buzzsprout channel, available here:

Aaron Porter
Aaron Porter27 April 2021