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Spotting new areas of opportunity and responding to trends in student demand through portfolio adaptations is fundamental to an institutions success, In episode 7 of the Global Student Marketing podcast, listeners are given key insight into how institutions manage their portfolio development and advice from IDP Connect experts on strengthening your portfolio development process.

Aaron Porter, Associate Director at IDP Connect is joined by Becca Hill (Head of International Recruitment) at the University of Exeter Business School, Ben Fowler (Associate Director Curriculum Development) at Goldsmiths University and Samir Shah (Head of Intelligence and Analytics) at IDP Connect.

You can listen to this episode of the podcast on Buzzsprout here.

Aaron discusses some key topics and themes relating to undertaking a portfolio review at a Higher Education Institution and how institutions can leverage data and insights to improve their decision.  Aaron hears from the experience of colleagues in the sector as they discuss their own experiences in portfolio development.

Samir Shah talks about the real-time top-of-funnel data available through IDP Connect across the domestic and international channels owned by the organisation. IDP Connect can provide (for international clients) additional bottom of funnel data powered by our recruitment data alongside qualitative data from our 127 offices across the world.

Aaron and his panel also discuss the process of undertaking a course portfolio review. The courses an institution offers is probably one of the most important decisions it makes and therefore, the importance of a data-led approach to course portfolio development is paramount to success.

Listen to the full podcast series

The full IDP Connect Global Student Marketing podcast series is available to listen to on the IDP Connect Buzzsprout channel, available here:

CP - Image - Aaron Porter
Aaron Porter20 May 2021